Mobile Addiction: What you may lose: Check this out

Mobile Addiction: In today’s time where everything is available on your mobile phone, starting from shopping, movie booking, gaming, Internet surfing, Grocery ordering, horoscope, financial advice, e learning, video game, Entertainment, Horoscope, Social Networking, Bill payment, Blogging, Cab Booking and of course including basic calling features.

There was a time when having a mobile phone was a big deal, it was a symbol of social status and calling rates were very high. Then gradually time changed, mobiles got cheaper with technology, calling rates comparatively came down. Companies started offering different values added services for maintaining earning levels. Now it’s the time where calling is completely free, value added service almost nullified, everything is being done with the help of internet. This is the only source of income for telecom companies.

Mobile addiction

Agreed, that mobile has become an essential part of our life, without which you cannot live a moment. It has become a companion; you can live without your parents, friends, wife and etc but cannot without your mobile phone. Some has started earning through it, some completing their official work, for some it’s a source of entertainment, some using it for teaching, learning, gaming and etc.

In a survey it was found that majority of the people accepted that they sleep next to their mobile phone. Majority agreed on that when they wake up, they think of their mobile phone, majority of the persons are connected constantly without any fail among many other examples.

But at the same time, it’s having side effects which are very crucial for us. We never think about the same but when it actually happens it is very harmful. I’m mentioning some of them below for getting you understand the other part of the mobile phone.

Mobile Addiction and Its Impacts

In a report it was found that who are mobile addicted, are afraid of losing their mobile phone which is called they are suffering from “nomophobia”.

When you are mobile addicted, you come in dangerous prone to become addictive of some other parts also i.e. social media, gaming and etc. which effects your day to day life including work performance, personal relations, no time for yourself.

When you completing dependant on the mobile phone, you are providing all your information to it for ease your life, your life is no more a private life. Companies can use your personal information in any ways they want and you will not be aware about it.

More usage effects your physical health also, the more time you spend on it, will have the more strain on your eyes, generates laziness in your body, changes brain activity, reaction time, sleeping patterns among others. Many reports suggest that its radiation is the main reason for cancer.

Doctors also advice that mobile should be avoided or to be used wherever necessary during pregnancy because it can have a direct impact on the newborn.

Findings suggest that the mobile phone usage increase the risks of traffic accidents by three to four times.

Many reports concluded that Children are more prone to health issues and due to this they experience negative impacts in the young age which are as follows.

  • No fully concentration
  • Impact on decision making
  • Emotionally weak

Also it is found that these children tend to drink alcohol, poor diet and etc.

Last but not the least, we are hoping you to have a better understanding of the topic and spread awareness of its consequences so that everyone can be familiar of it. We request you to please share your feedback in the comment box for us to write it in the better way. In the next part we would make you aware how you can get rid of the mobile addiction. Stay tuned.





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