HMD on a Roll ! Nokia 10 to be Launched Soon !

HMD, formely known as Nokia (still known as that on social media), is planning to launch another flagship phone after Nokia 8, the Nokia 10

The Nokia 10 is supposed to be give a run for its money to companioes like Samsung. HTC in premium smartphone market.

The Rumoured name as per Geekcheck is going to be Nokia 10 Max as HMD decide to go for the bezeless way going with the recent trend of 18:9 displays.

 Offcourse since the Nokia 10 is going to be premium phone, it will support the top of the line specifications whether it is to do with the battery, processor, ram, space or other connectivity options are concerned.

Nokia 10 Leaked

Build and Looks

Nokia 10 Max is expected to feature a 6.3 inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels with a  brushed Metal body, just like the Nokia 8.

Since 18:9 displays don’t leave much room in the front, the fingerprint sensor goes to the rear (if they keep it i.e. since face-recognition seems to be gather quick steam), or we will have to see whether Nokia keeps the home button in the front and keep the uniformity with its products. Personally, the front fingerprint sensor is much better as it allows the user to unlock the phone without picking it up and can be unlocked even wihile lying on the desk or any other place that it is lying face up.

A dual Camera Setup is also expected to give the much needed depth to pictures along with the Dual camera click feature is already so talked about with the Nokia 8.

Nokia 10

Processor, RAM and Connnectivity

The processor is supposed to be the Snapdragon 845, which is also ready to be available commercially along with 8 GB RAM. The storage will be a minimum of 64 GB going by the flagship trend. Nokia Might decide to bump up the space to 128 GB (which could be expandable with a MicroSD) through a hybrid slot.

The Nokia 10 may come with dual SIM support along with 3G and 4G network support, USB Type-C port, Bluetooth v5.0, GPS and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. In short, it is fully loaded with high-end features.


The Nokia 10 is expected to ship with Andrioid Oreo (stock android) and promises to keep its updates in sync with the Google for security patches.The Phone is expected to launch somewhere at the end of this year.

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